Our Kitchen Got a Spring Makeover

boho kitchen makeover

FINALLY getting around to sharing a few before and after photos from our recent kitchen makeover project we started back in January (best birthday gift ever, by the way! Thank you, hubby!) And while this post isn’t very comprehensive and photo-swoon worthy, I’m just going to share what iphone photos I’ve got, ’cause, frankly, that’s how this recovering perfectionist rolls these days! Ha!

Be sure to keep scrolling below to see a video clip of how it all turned out!


spring kitchen makeover


Ok, guys, I’m pulling ZERO punches here! I’m showing you exactly how our kitchen looked on a typical January day prior to starting this project. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cringing just a little bit on the inside to hit the publish button on this one! But, for the sake of the Wow factor, I’m letting it all hang out for you to see! Go, me! lol

So, we’ve lived in this house since I was first pregnant with my oldest (he’s now 14 years old). About five or so years into living here, we would talk about updating the cabinets here and there, but not enough motivation to make it happen.


spring kitchen makeover


Fast forward another six or so years.

I had had enough, yall. Sick of the dark, dingy original oak cabinets, not to mention the unsightly countertops and backsplash situation. I think Pete and I are the types of people that feel like home projects feel so BIG and overwhelming that we just sit on it longer than necessary.

So, long story short, we did the thing, you guys!! And I’m so so happy we did. While there are still a few things that need updating and additions to make, it makes me smile each morning when I walk into it.



spring kitchen makeover

The things we updated:

  • The cabinet doors all got replaced and all painted white
  • We changed out the cabinet pulls
  • The old sink came out and we replaced it with an undermount farmhouse sink
  • The old contractor grade faucet got replaced with the gooseneck design
  • Tiles on the countertops got torn out and replaced with a traditional butcher block countertop
  • Tiles that were acting as the backsplash got torn out and replaced with a textured while subway tile and dark grout
  • We also replaced the light above the sink to the wooden beaded chandelier.


spring kitchen makeover


Things I’d still like to do at some point:

  • Change out the kitchen tile
  • Replace the overhead lights
  • Add a small rolling kitchen island table
  • Replace the kitchen table and add a rug
  • Replace the old stove to something new and more sleek
  • Add crown molding around the dining room windows
  • Bring in lots more green plants
  • Add a flower box to the outside of the kitchen sink window


spring kitchen makeover


So that’s it in a nutshell!

My plan is to get a few more things changed and do some better quality photos for you guys soon, but I just wanted to at least do a quick update with everything we’ve done so far to it.


PS…have you ever had the experience of living in a manner that you’d balk at if you saw anybody else living that way? That’s how I feel when I look at the before photos of what was in our dingy cabinets!! Aaaak! How on earth did we live that way for so long?! Ha! Funny what you get used to after a while, right? Thank goodness for fresh starts!


spring kitchen makeover

spring kitchen makeover



boho inspired kitchen makeover

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