Six Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in 2024

Nordstrom Anniversary sale tips

Six Tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in 2024

It’s that time of year again! The most anticipated sale of the year is just days away and I’m here to pass along a few tips for a successful shopping run for 2024. There are a lot of strategies out there for how you should attack and shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but today I’m going to break down a few of my own personal tips for you.

The first important pieces to know are WHAT is and WHEN can you shop the sale, right?

The WHAT? The Anniversary sale focuses on brand new season merchandise just coming available, which is what makes it so special. The items included will be up to 40% off the retail. Come August 5th, all prices will go back to the regular retail price.

The WHEN? Below are the dates for this year and depending on whether you are a Nordstrom cardholder or not (which is ok if you’re not, by the way) and how much you’ve spent with them over the past year, that is what will dictate when the sale opens up for you.

Which leads me to tip #1.

1. Apply for the Nordstrom card and download the app

Ok, now I will never encourage you to get a credit card in ANY other situation. Other than my debit card, my Nordstrom card is literally the ONLY card I’ve had since college. No lie.

BUT, when it comes to the anniversary sale, having your card gives you access to shop all the sales earlier than the general public. And you might not think that’s a major deal, but the thing is, with this sale, because everything that’s included in it is BRAND NEW SEASON merchandise, things sell out quickly. Like crazy fast.

So the earlier you are able to access the sale, the better your chances of snagging the pieces you really want.

Just make a solid plan to pay it off immediately and you’re golden.

| What’s in my cart for NSALE |

2. Set a Budget.


Set a budget.

There is going to be A LOT of temptation when you start browsing the sale, especially if you love dressing for fall. So, again, be smart and set yourself a limit and stick to it. You’ve got this.

| My NSALE activewear picks |

3. Have a gameplan.

There are some sales that you can pop on, peruse and pick all off the cuff. The NSale is not really one of those sales. You will want to be very strategic and strongly consider what your wardrobe is in need of for the season ahead. The sale is well known for delivering many timeless staple pieces that you’ll turn to all season long (and hopefully beyond). So, if it’s new denim that you need in a wider leg style, for instance, put that on your list to look through. Try not to be too swayed by impulse purchases or the more trendy items. Look for those great seasonal staples to fill in or replace old pieces in your closet.

| My NSALE blazers & jackets picks |

4. Shop early.

I know I may sound like a broken record here, but again, the earlier you gain access to the sale, the better selections you’ll have available to you. Nothing is more disappointing than deciding on what you want early, planning outfits with said piece in your mind, and then you miss out on your size.

So, whichever opening date you are able to access the sale, hop to it! You can bet I’ll be setting my alarm with my finger on the trigger ready to hit ‘add to cart’ the minute the doors open for me.

| My NSALE shoes picks |

5. Go for the 2 Day shipping.

And here’s why.

When you select and pay the $12 two day shipping, that prioritizes your shipment ahead of the standard free shipping that Nordstrom offers, which is still a very nice perk by the way. But, when you consider how much time you’ve spent planning out what you want to purchase, knowing that it will have priority when it comes to packing and shipping, it’s well worth the $12 in my book. Plus, if you get your items quickly and something needs to get re-ordered in a different size, you’ve allowed yourself that time frame to still be able to get the sale price before the August 4 deadline.

| My NSALE Denim picks |

6. Add items to your Wishlist now and send them straight to cart when the doors open for you.

Ok, this is where those stealthy fingers come in play. My advice is to go ahead and add the items you want to your Wishlist NOW (preferably in the app because it’s a quicker user experience, in my opinion) and once the doors open, you go from Wishlist straight to cart, then hit the ‘purchase’ button and BOOM! you are DONE.

Reminder: Do be sure to have all your shipping and payment details updated ahead of time so you’re ready to go!

| My NSALE Beauty Picks |

And there you have it!

So that’s just a brief little overview to get you on your way to Autumn style greatness. I’ll be back next week with more on the sale and I’ll also cover a bit of the Amazon Prime Day sale that’s happening July 16 and 17. It’s an exciting time for summer sales, my friend!

Stay tuned and thanks so much for being here!

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