Sudio Sweden

Sudio Sweden

I’ve been sharing some of my active wear with you guys over the past couple of weeks and for me, a great workout or run always involves the daily use of my earphones. I gotta have tunes while I’m working out. Just can’t do it, otherwise. So, when I got introduced to the Sudio Sweden brand several weeks back, I really thought you guys needed to know about it.

First off, I love a fun background story. Who remembers the old Phil Collins song, “Sussudio” from the 80’s? (waving my hand wildly!) I was just a little thing then, but I remember a team of dancers performing a high kick routine to it during a summer camp one year. Ha! The things your brain lets you recall.

But, I digress.

As it turns out, one of the founders of Sudio Sweden was on the street in NY one day and ran into a frustrated Phil Collins who was having issues with his own headphones at the time. They shared a brief “I feel your pain” moment and from that bittersweet incident, they chose to name the company after the singer’s popular song. Kinda fun, right?

As described by Sudio, whether you’re on the way to a formal event or just hanging out on a casual Sunday, “an elegant companion” is a good way to describe them. They just seriously look good. Sleek, high quality design and fantastic sound output. Who knew earphones could feel and look so high end? They’re kinda like an extension of your best loved accessories.

I opted for the rose gold pink(SO pretty!) Vasa design and I am SO enjoying the crisp, clear sound quality during my runs at night lately. The cheaper pair I had been using before these would short out in one earpiece or get really static-y if I moved a certain way. Drove me nuts. I’ve had none of those problems with the Vasa set. And the pink leather case that comes with them? Fantastic, you guys! Such a sleek, stylish way to carry these beauties.

So if you’re in the market for something much greater than all the quick pick-me-up versions in your local stores, my suggestion is that you give these a try!

The Vasa design that I have comes in four colors…you can find my pink ones here.

FYI….shipping is free WORLDWIDE. Oh and be sure to use


for 15% off your order!

Thanks so much for reading and have a great night, ladies! The weekend is near! #TGIF

sudio sweden vasa

sudio sweden 2

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sudio sweden 4

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*** I was gifted this set of earphones from Sudio Sweden to review. As always, all opinions are strictly my own.

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