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Happy Thursday, ladies! This post has been a good while in the making. I wanted to get a good feel for this nifty little piece of hair machinery before I let you know my thoughts on it.

So, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to play with a few T3 products over the past few months. The first was the Proi Hair Dryer and then the Whirl Trio Curling Wand. Love. love them both and they have successfully earned a permanent place in my weekly hair routine. Highly recommend both of those if you’re in the market for some new professional quality heat tools for your hair.

Today is all about the T3 Twirl 360 though–an innovative and pretty amazing automatic spinning curling iron(say that three times fast!). To be perfectly frank, I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel about it. I will admit to being moderately concerned that I would lose a patch of hair in the process, you guys. I envisioned hitting the “go” button and my hair getting caught in the action and searing right off. Eeek! My hair is kind of my silly little security blanket and so I was more than a bit apprehensive. BUT, we(my hair and I) soon figured out that we really had nothing to fear once we gave it a go. After practicing on several pieces and getting the hang of how it works, it’s really such a cool and effective tool!

(psst….be sure to stick around til the end of this post! T3 is offering a free gift with purchase just for my readers!)

t3 micro 1

After spraying with a heat protectant, you clamp a small section of hair just like you would any other curling iron and then once you’ve got it in there, you simply press the button and slightly turn your wrist the direction you want the curl to go…and voila! It does the work for you! For those worried about it going too fast(that was me!), take comfort in knowing that it does have two speed settings. I used the low speed for the first few tries and then moved it up to the quicker speed as I got the hang of it.

t3 twirl features

As for the type of curls you can expect, it gave me great volume with big soft curls. I like to curl each section and then use those little pin curl clips your grandma used to use to set them. Then I usually go about my business getting dressed and finishing up my makeup. I make taking out the clips the very last thing I do before leaving the house. Gotta give those curls the best chance for long term survival! Ha!

t3 micro 2

t3 micro 4

I really enjoy using this curling iron, you guys. It’s honestly kinda fun to watch it do it’s thing. If big soft curls or relaxed beachy type waves is what you’re after, I really recommend you giving it a try. Also, it will constantly measure and adjust the temperature across the entire barrel for accurate, consistent heating while styling, which hopefully gives you really good peace of mind when it comes to the health of your hair. While we all want pretty curls, gotta be safe about the methods we use to get them. 😉

You’ll quickly get the hang of how it operates and be a pro at it in no time, trust me.

t3 micro 5

t3 micro 6

 And lastly, I’ve got some great news! T3Micro has extended a special offer just for the readers of my blog!

Use code JANUARYHARTGIFT on any $100 purchase and receive a free brush set + microfiber towel ($70 value) for FREE.

Here are the extra goodies you’ll receive, FREE OF CHARGE!

The 2.5″ Antigravity Barrel Brush

The Paddle Brush

The Microfiber Towel

How fantastic is that?! So if you were ever on the fence as to whether or not to take the plunge and invest in some great heat tools for the long haul, this is the PERFECT opportunity!

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below about either the Twirl 360, the Proi Dryer or the Whirl Trio Curling Wand! I’ve had some time to really use and live with these tools and would love to share my experiences/tips with you guys as well should you have any questions or concerns!

Here’s a quick look at my Proi Dryer in action down below, by the way! Cuts my drying time in HALF, I tell you! Love it!

t3 proi

proi t3 hair dryer

Thanks so much for reading, ladies! I hope you have a stellar weekend planned out! The hubby and I are meeting up with some friends for cocktails and Cirque Du Soleil this evening. I’ve heard so much about the show and I can’t wait to see it!

**This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Be Social and T3Micro. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own. My views may not necessarily represent those of Be Social or T3Micro.

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